"We   would   like   to   thank   you   for   a   wonderful   holiday.    Sorry   for   not   sending   this   earlier,   we've   both   been   busy   and   a   bit   jet   lagged.    The   organization   was   perfect   meaning we   could   relax   and   know   things   would   be   sorted.    I   can't   say   which   bit   was   best   as   it   all   varied.    Our   Niagara   tour   was   made   even   better   by   our   guide   who   I'd   happily adopt as my mum.. she was so very lovely.                                               I   didn't   expect   a   meet   and   greet   in   Jasper   so   that   was   a   nice   surprise   and   again   she   was   lovely   and   gave   us   good   information   about   the   town   and   what   to   do.    I   could   go on   and   on.    However   overall   we   got   much   more   from   you   than   we   expected.    I've   never   used   a   tour   company   before,   usually   we   would   plan   and   organise   ourselves,   but by   using   yourself   it   did   enable   us   to   use   our   relatively   short   time   in   such   a   big   country   better.    We   also   did   things   we   probably   wouldn't   have   done   otherwise.    I   also   don't think   we   could   have   done   it   cheaper   ourselves   (unless   we   went   to   other   accommodation)   so   it   proved   a   good   value.    Having   the   hassle   of   organizing   (and   altering   with train   delays   etc)   taken   away   is   also   of   great   value   enabling   us   to   focus   on   enjoying   it   rather   than   making   phone   calls   and   buying   data. We   would   definitely   use   you   again and would recommend to others.   Thank you once again very much."                                      Maxine & Ged Armstrong - United Kingdom "Just   got   back   from   my   trip   and   wanted   you   to   know   I   had   a   great   experience.   The   hotels   both   in   Toronto   and   Vancouver   were   excellent.   The   train   experience   and   views were   wonderful.   Star   Limousine   service   was   very   prompt   and   efficient.   I   really   felt   I   got   the   VIP   treatment   especially   when   picked   up   at   the   Sheraton   Wall   Centre   in   the stretch limo as seen in the attachment. (The fact that that was the only car they had available at the time didn't daunt my spirits). A   pleasant   surprise   to   me   where   the   ticketed   venues   included   with   the   Vancouver   City   tour.   I   wasn't   expecting   these   additional   benefits   to   the   tour.   All   in   all   this   was   a great   experience   and   well   worth   the   cost.   If   I   had   planned   the   trip   on   my   own,   I   would   have   paid   more,   been   stressed   out,   and   not   had   nearly   the   benefits   I   received   from booking through TRUEXPERIENCES Tours. I would gladly recommend this tour and your company to anyone. Thanks again." William Keith - USA "We   wanted   to   thank   you   for   all   you   assistance   during   our   recent   trip   to   Canada.   It   was   a   wonderful   experience,   we   enjoyed   immensely.    It   was   very   well   organized, punctual   and   efficient   pick-ups,   superb   hotels,   nice   and   beautiful   tours.    Enjoyed   traveling   in   the   trains,   always   on   time.    We   are   very   happy   of   having   had   the   opportunity to   visit   Canada   again.   Canada   is   a   very   beautiful   country.   We   had   previously   been   to   Vancouver   and   Victoria   and   to   the   Atlantic   coast   of   Nova   Scotia   and   the   St. Lawrence   river.    We   are   missing   Banffand   Alberta.    Maybe   in   the   future.   We   are   very   grateful   to   you   who   helped   make   our   tour   unforgettable.   We   have   only   praise,   no complaints."                                                                                                                         Manuel C. Preciado - Panama "We   have   just   arrived   home   and   wish   to   thank   you   very   much.   The   tour   was   fabulous   and   we   thoroughly   enjoyed   it!   We   would   like   to   let   you   know   that   we   would recommend you and truexperiences tours to others." Charlie & Sylvia Mastrogiovanni - Australia "Just   returned   from   our   wonderful   trip!    It   definitely   was   fascinating   and   enjoyable!    The   only   thing   is   we   would   have   loved   being   in   Montreal   a   bit   longer,   since   the   bus tour lasted over 4 hours long! Our breakfasts were too good indeed, Thanks again for planning the itinerary."                                              The Maxicks - USA "Just   a   quick   e-mail   to   let   you   know   that   i   had   a   great   time   onboard   the   Canadian. Also   to   let   you   know   that   the   hotel   in   Vancouver   was   excellent   and   also   the   city   tour.I enjoyed my stay in Vancouver. Thank you."                                                                                                                                                       Fair winds,                                                                                                                                                                                                    Jan Caselli - The Netherlands "What a wonderful trip!!! Many thanks."                                                                                                                                                                       Chet & Mary Marcinow - Canada "My husband and I want to thank you and your team for the excellent work you've done.  Our trip went smoothly from the beginning to the end."                                                                                                                                                                                                             Chantal & Pierre Laliberté - Canada "I was meaning to write to you - I had a fantastic time - everything went smoothly - I enjoyed every minute of the trip. The train, the meals, service on the train were all excellent. The Sheraton was very comfortable and luxurious. It was so nice to be picked up by the limousines - great service. I would thoroughly recommend this package to others - I wish I could go again right now. Thanks again."                                                                                                                                                                                  Margaret Bezanson - Canada "I am presently back in Mauritius after my trip to Canada. My family an I went on the tour you arranged for us and I am hereby writing a note of felicitation to you for the marvellous job done. From start to the end everything went on smoothly due without any doubt to the very effective planning done by you. We enjoyed everything from the hotels, our train journey,  the escorted tours as well as the transfers from station to hotels. So we thank you very much for having granted us a wonderful trip.  I won’t hide it that we were full of apprehensions at first because we didn’t want anything like some of the frequently advertised tours and we didn’t know your company. But everything went so smoothly that we are looking forward to travelling again with next time we come to Canada, maybe a trip to Vancouver and the Rockies. Thank you once again. Warm regards from a very satisfied customer."                                                                                                                                                                     Sarojah Rajanah - Mauritius "Congratulations.   My   customer   told   me   about   the   excellent   service   given   to   him   and   the   quality   of   hotels   in   Canada.   He   is   very   grateful   about   your   services   and   he   is recommended your company as the best to know Canada. Thanks for all." Jose Rodriguez, Five Star Travel - USA "I   haven't   had   a   chance   to   write   you   after   you   arranged   our   trip   to   Montreal/Quebec   City.   Larry   and   I   have   a   WONDERFUL   time!   We   really   enjoyed   ourselves   and   were very pleased with all of the arrangements you made. Thanks so much." Cleo & Larry Ball - USA "We just returned from BC and it was absolutely amazing! My   Dad   is   85....just   lost   his   spouse   of   60   years   and   he   was   smiling   the   entire   time!   The   train   ride,   transfer   to   the   hotel,   hotel,   the   bus   tour,   transfer   to   the   train,   the   train, Delta,   flight,   etc......not   a   single   thing   went   wrong!   It   was   great!   Thank   you   so   much!   Your   team   did   a   wonderful   job   planning   this   vacation.   My   Dad   and   I   have   life-time memories along with the numerous pics and videos. We were tickled with this vacation!" Karen Beutler - Canada "We   were   actually   planning   to   write   you   and   let   you   know   how   awesome   the   trip   was!   We   thoroughly   enjoyed   ourselves!   The   train   accommodations   were   first   rate.   The staff   were   wonderful.   The   food   was   amazing.   The   scenery   was   unbelievable.   Our   accommodations   in   Jasper   were   the   best   I've   ever   had   and   I've   traveled   a   great   deal on   business.   We   highly   recommend   this   trip   as   a   wonderful,   relaxing   and   enjoyable   way   to   see   Canada   and   experience   rail   travel   at   it's   best.   Thank   you   for   making   this, our retirement celebration, a most enjoyable experience." Doug & Judy Plume - USA "The   tour   was   AH-MAZING!!!   My   favourite   part   was   Banff   and   the   Icefields   Parkway   Drive.   I   have   to   say,   the   guides   were   tremendously   friendly   and   knowledgable. Thank you so much for arranging this for me - it was a dream come true!!!" Danielle Maizey - Australia "My   wife   and   I   have   completed   the Trans-Canada   Experience Tour   as   scheduled.   We   want   to   thank   you   and TruExperiences Tours   for   all   the   arrangements   made   for   us. Everything   was   in   place   as   specified   and   arranged   by   you.   The   Limo,   the   hotels,   the   train   and   the   flights   were   on   time.   There   was   no   tension   in   us   during   entire   tour   or we   did   not   have   to   call   anybody   or   wait   for   anybody.   It   was   as   specified   in   the   tour   details   sent   to   us.   Please   note   that,   we   enjoyed   the   train   ride   and   also   the   coach   ride from   Jasper   to   Banff.   It   was   very   scenic.   Thank   you   again   for   arranging   an   early   breakfast   for   us   in   Vancouver   at   the   Sheraton   Wall   Centre,   since   we   had   very   very   early flight from Vancouver." Best Regards Anil Shah, P.E. - USA "Yesterday   we   returned   to   Roma.   We   haven't   right   words   to   describe   our   tour   in   Canada.   All   was   WONDERFUL:   hotels,   restaurants,   transfers,   travels   by   train   and   all excursions.   Above   all   expecially   the   cities   and   views   of   every   site.   Your   organization   was   PERFECT!   We   thank   you   very   much   for   your   job   regarding   us   and   for   your engagement.   The   Canada   is   very   beauiful   country   and   his   people   is   very   gentle,   patient   and   available   in   every   situation:   we   saw   that   in   each   occasion.   We   are   so enthusiasistic   of   Canada   and   Canadian   people   so   that   we   would   think,   the   holidays   of   next   year,   to   visit   Vancouver   city   and   his   neighbourhoods   starting   from   Toronto. We   are   describing   our   WONDERFUL   TOUR   to   all   our   friends   and   we   are   speaking   about   your   organization   very   excellent.   Thanks   for   all   and,   if   you   have   news,   give them to us." Gerardo Picardi - Italy "My   wife   and   I   had   a   great   time   on   the   Eastern   Canada   Premium   Tour   trip.   Everything   went   smoothly   and   hotels   were   excellent   in   service   and   location.   Trains   and   their service also excellent. I will recommend you to friends." Wayne Moore - USA